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Our Ministry 
Our Ministry 


Everyone desires to live a purposeful life. A life free of doubt, self loathing, confusion, and failure.  A life that inspires others to do and be their best. A life steered and guided by God's will is a life fortified with success.  


Our Women's Ministry is geared towards creating and maintaining a life of purpose within God's will, love, and everlasting grace.  

We help empower broken and lost women to use all the gifts God has bestowed to live whole, productive lives.  We are creating a community of spiritual warriors armed with the tools to fight the enemy and lift up the broken among us.


Our Women's Ministry is conducted in coordination with our

Monthly Book Club Meeting


Ministry Curriculum Agenda 



We commensurate with Communion 



Light Brunch Served

Group Reading

Current Book Club Selection

Scripture Strengthening

Reinforce today's Word

Interactive Lesson

Discuss, Interact, and Learn 


News, Events, and Follow-Up

Closing Prayer

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